6 Best iPhone Sports Games

iPhone Sports Games are one of the video game industry’s top sellers. Thankfully, you can play using your favorite teams on your mobile device. This is because there is an abundance of iPhone sports games available on the App Store.

Americans love their sports – almost every one in the country supports a local team, a major league team, and absolutely adore a certain athlete. People would fill up stadiums by the thousands just to see brave men and women duke it out on the court, field, or ring.

Thankfully, you no longer have to line up and buy tickets to experience the thrill of sports. Instead, you can do so with an iPhone on your fingertips. Here are 10 of the best iPhone Sports Games you would want to try out now:

NBA Live 16 – Free

Although the NBA Live series is overshadowed mostly by the NBA 2K series, NBA Live Mobile is a pretty amazing game – and it’s free! With nifty and easy to learn controls and good graphics, this game is for every basketball fan.

NBA Live 16 brings an amazing basketball experience on mobile. Here, you can build a formidable roster of NBA superstars and play head-to-head against your friends to see who is the king of the court. Turn your franchise into a championship dynasty.

NBA 2k16 – $7.99

In every list concerning sports games, it’s a travesty to NOT mention NBA 2K16. Arguably the best basketball game franchise today, NBA 2K16 brings an almost true-to-life basketball experience. It has stunning graphics, in-depth gameplay, and the opportunity to embark on your personal basketball journey in MyCareer. And yes, it’s a bargain at $7.99.

Madden NFL Mobile – Free

From shooting hoops, let’s proceed to scoring touchdowns. Whether you’re a fan of the Broncos or the Colts, Madden NFL Mobile lets you sate your football appetite.

Manage your favorite NFL franchise, form your own dream team, and win the Super Bowl. You may also acquire retired legends like Bo Jackson by making in-app purchases, while competing against your friends and rivals for bragging rights!

Virtua Tennis Challenge – $5.99

Made by Sega, the popular tennis game franchise made its way into the iPhone. Create your pro player and compete against acclaimed tennis players from around the globe inside 18 stadiums.  Earn money from winning matches and buy your way into competing in major tournaments to win more cash and of course, your trophy. Slice, lob, and hit your way to victory.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Free


Whenever EA releases a new FIFA game, it’s automatically a must buy – and FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is no different. With console-level graphics and smooth controls, use Lionel Messi to score goals while making Cristiano Ronaldo breeze past unwary defenders. Pick between 500 licensed teams from around the world and match up against other players in real-world stadiums captured in excellent detail.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is definitely the best football soccer game on the iPhone.

Baseball Superstars 2013 – Free

It’s an old, but gold game. In terms of realism, it doesn’t give much, but nevertheless, it’s a great baseball game filled with hilarious anime RPG tropes. In Baseball Superstars 2013, you will be a young baseball player who freshly entered the pro ranks. You will also be controlling your own team, upgrading your skills and those of your teammates while aiming to seek glory in your league. Test your skills and hit home runs!

Not to be left out, here are some honorable mentions:

Overall, the sports games on the iOS can give you hours of gameplay, especially if you have no time to waste on game consoles. All of the above mentioned games will certainly enable you to live your sports dreams – at least on your iPhone.

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