Ultimate Mac is a daily news site that covers everything apps, computers, and gadget related.

We started in 1996 in a very different form, as the go-to guide for everything Apple related. Since then, we’ve evolved just as much as Apple, and we’ve recently relaunched our website – Ultimate Mac 2.0. We’ve been fans from the beginning and we just can’t stop writing about Apple’s great products, the best apps, and most useful gadgets.

You’ll see that our writers are fanboys and fangirls we are just in our editor bios – we have all picked pseudonyms based on obscure (and not so obscure) references of Apple’s past and present. In that love also stems honesty – we know what’s lovely about Apple, and the things that we would love to see introduced in the future. Growing up with something produces a bit of a love-hate relationship, but as a result you’ll also get some of the most raw opinions based on years of experience.

Even though Apple is now in the mainstream, rest-assured, there is still a place to go for the hardcore fanatics, and that is Ultimate Mac.

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