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Direct Links

  • The Apple Store – Apple’s NEW internet store front. Build your dream Macintosh! Check out the specials!
  • Hot News – Press Releases, Latest Software Updates, and more!
  • Products – Apple Product info, and on-line registration for Apple Hardware and Software products.
  • Support – Software updates, technical support library, basic troubleshooting, DevWorld, developer support, and more!
  • Design & Publishing – Master of Media web site, Why Apple, technologies, AppleScript, ColorSync, QuickTime, and more!
  • Education – News, educational price list and promos, disability resources, and more!
  • Where to Buy – Macintosh, Newton MessagePad / eMate, WebObjects products, Apple loan and leasing, and International information!


Technical Support

  • Apple Technical Exchange Online – Apple Technical Support home page
  • Apple Technical Info Library (TIL) – search over 15,000 articles for troubleshooting info
  • Apple Software Updates – Macintosh software includes updates for System, Language Kit, PowerBook, Printing, MacTCP, OpenTransport, Utilities, and more! (NOTE: archive includes Macintosh, Newton, Power Computing, and even DOS/Windows updates!)
  • Apple Software Updates Via FTP – Apple Software Updates FTP mirror sites around the world.
  • – Apple’s mirror site to Apple software updates, Info-Mac, and UMICH Archive, all running on Apple’s latest Network Server 700/150 running AIX! FAST!



Apple Publications

  • Hyperlink to the Publications section for Apple publications, including AppleDirections, and Apple’s develop technical journal.

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