Listening to podcasts are arguably one of the best ways to kill time – all you need to do is install podcast apps. Depending on what you listen to, you can potentially learn a lot of things. Note that there are different types of podcasts, such as solo, interview, and multi-host ones. We’d like to think of them as on-demand radio programs.

However, not all podcast apps are created equal – there are some which excellently provide amazing service. So regardless if you like listening to digital marketing or video podcasts, here are some of the best apps you should install and use to manage your podcasts:


podcast apps - overcast

Overcast is a pretty good podcast app ripe with features which enhance the whole listening experience. The design is clean, intuitive, and easy to use – you wouldn’t have problems finding your favorite podcasts and organizing your playlists. One of the best things about it is it functions seamlessly: it almost never crashes or malfunctions.

Moreover, Overcast has all the capabilities of a podcast app that you’d need. For example, it notifies you of new episodes, easily handles offline playbacks, and has great audio features. As an added plus, it offers an Apple Watch app.

Cost: Getting the app is free, but there are optional packages. Three months costs $2.99, six $5.99, and a whole year is for $11.99.

Pocket Casts

A podcast app has never looked this sharp. Pocket Casts is attractive and designed with user convenience and intuitiveness in mind. For one, the designs colors change based on the podcast network, complementing the aesthetics, giving you a good visual experience.

Its notable features include:

  • It builds a playback queue as you watch your favorite shows.
  • The Trim silences feature which can save you hours.
  • Chromecast and Airplay: you can stream episodes directly from your phone to your TV.

It is also a highly rated and an extremely stable app, giving you a fast and an uninterrupted listening experience. It also offers an Apple Watch app.

Cost: To install Pocket Casts, you need to pay $3.99.


podcast apps - icatcher
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Recently updated to support Apple Watch, iCatcher deserves a spot in this list: it has a beautiful user interface which lets users find the podcasts they need in just a couple of taps. The way it lets you organize your podcasts is also top-notch. Users can easily subscribe and create playlists. Its customization feature, particularly the one wherein it makes users set custom rules to enable them to make suggestions and listen to the podcasts they want.

Cost: Downloading iCatcher costs $3.99.


Castro is a beautiful podcast app, and it certainly lives up to its App Store description: “…smart, focused, and designed exclusively for iOS.”

It has a sleek episode timeline which lets you easily find the episodes you’ve listened to, while its gesture-friendly interface gives content the center stage. Castro’s other notable features include:

  • Automatically downloading the episodes you’re looking forward to as soon as they’re uploaded.
  • Instant push notifications when they come out.
  • Uses the iOS’ background feature even if you’re not using the app in order to keep your podcast list updated.
  • A “News Mode” wherein the app automatically puts in the most recent podcast episodes in front

Castro has all the podcasts you need, from news podcasts from the NPR, to pop culture ones starred by vibrant hosts.

Cost: iCatcher is free, but with in-app purchases. Three months costs $2.99, six $5.99, and a whole year is for $11.99.


podcast apps - downcast

The one thing that stands out on Downcast is its powerful search function which lets you easily find the podcast episodes you want to listen to. If we could rename the app to “Upcast”, we would. Oh, and we have no qualms about the name, after all, its existence along is a huge downer for other podcast apps.

Puns aside, Downcast’s other features are pretty much all you need.

  • The ability to download audio and video podcasts of any size automatically.
  • A simple and quick search feature which lets you download older podcasts episodes without much effort.
  • Import and export podcasts via OPML.

However, Downcast’s best feature yet is its ability to perform iCloud synching with other Apple devices. The roster includes Macs, iPads, and Apple Watches. Apparently, CarPlay support is also said to be in development. This makes it easy for you to access and listen to your favorite podcasts across all devices.

Cost: Downcast costs $2.99 to download, and it offers some really good in-app offers. Regardless, it’s worth your cash.


podcast apps - stitcher

Stitcher is an amazing podcast app that fully epitomizes variety. It has over 65,000 radio shows and podcasts which you can all listen to and can be sent straight to your iPhone or iPad. Plus, these do not need to be synced or downloaded: they can be streamed directly to your device as soon as they’re available. Notable radio programs which are available include WNYC’s Radio Lab, and NPR’s Fresh Air.

As its name suggests, you can stitch together several programs to create your own personalized playlist and save them for later. Speaking of personalization, Stitcher is also capable of dishing out personalized playlists, and they base it on the ones you’ve listened. Morover, recommendations will also based on what the other listeners listen to – especially if there are certain similarities.

Cost: Stitcher is available on the App Store for FREE, though it has in-app purchases.

UltimateMac’s pick

And our pick for the best podcast app in the list is none other than Downcast – and it’s no surprise as to why. Its features, overall reliability, and simple and beautiful aesthetics put it at the top spot on our list. We could safely say that it was solely made and optimized for the iOS.

Thanks to its pleasing aesthetics, highly intuitive design, and ease-of-use, it’s definitely the app you should be downloading if you’re looking for the best podcast app.

Do you think we have any other podcast app that needs to be part of this list? Please tell us in the comments!

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