Best Free Audio Editing & Recording Software for Mac

Whether you’re an aspiring artist uploading cover songs on SoundCloud and YouTube or someone who handles multimedia work, there will come a time you will need to fine-tune some of your audio files. You may even be required to download some tracks and sound effects online.

Though there are some good ones on the App Store, but most come at a hefty price. Before you start spending though, we’ve compiled a short list of awesome – and free – audio editing and recording software for the Mac.

Read on and make an educated decision before choosing the software to download.


I’ve worked with Audacity before and it was – and still is – my go-to free audio editing software for the Mac. It’ll always be on top of any related list, and for good measure: it’s immensely popular and supports a wide range of audio files, like WAV, MP3, and FLAC.

It’s built like most audio editing software – copy and paste the audio files on the work area or export them from one of your folders.

It has a good set of features, from recording directly from your Mac’s microphone, enhancing sounds, and even reduce static. This audio editing software is pretty easy to use as well: it only takes a bit of common sense, a little exploration, and a 15-minute experiment to get the hang of it. It’s intuitive and basic interface makes it a great choice.

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

This is a decent piece of audio recording software, but it has quite a few limitations that keeps it away from the top spot. It does enable you to produce audio files in several formats, like MP3, AAC and WAV, though. Apowersoft also has file conversion capabilities and can burn files into CDs.

The not-so-good side of the software is its inability to let your produce recordings higher than 128 kbps, which is pretty low for today’s standards (this was the compression of your iTunes song download back in 2003). It also only allows you to download a single track at a time and limits your recordings to a measly three minutes.

iSkysoft Audio Recorder

This audio recording software now includes support for El Capitan and is an excellent choice. It records audio without ever compromising quality and you save files either as an MP3 or an M4A.

iSkysoft did well in designing this audio recorder’s user interface. It somehow resembles iTunes which gives it a plus on intuitiveness given that it take advantage of user familiarity. The program can directly import audio in iTunes and even burn music to compact disks.


In terms of awesomeness, WavePad is 2nd behind Audacity. Nevertheless, this audio editing software is a great choice if you’re a home user. Its free, but if you plan to use it commercially, you will need to pay $70 for a standard license – this could be a deal breaker to artists looking to launch their online music careers.

Regardless, it provides a host of good features to casual users, allowing them to save files in multiple formats, including MP3, WAV, and M4A. The interface is intuitive and its simplicity allows you to work on a number of files at the same time.


It’s not as popular as the other software, but it’s a pretty decent one.

Made by developers from Brazil, OcenAudio is completely free. Features include the ability to edit large audio files (there’s no limit) and supports different audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, and WMA. Unlike other audio editing software in this list, it allows you to select multiple parts of the audio at the same time, allowing you to efficiently apply effects to your project.

Overall, these are among the top free recording and audio editing software you must have on your Mac computer.

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