Hider 2 Review: Does It Keep Your Files Safe?

There are a few reasons why you might want to keep your files secure. Whether you don’t want your “stash” to be exposed or your hard drive is bursting with trade secrets, your privacy is important above all else.

Regardless of why you want to keep your files under a digital lock and key, I’ve been playing around with Hider 2, software that’s capable of encrypting and protecting your files from prowlers and people who use your computer without the decency to ask permission first.

How does Hider 2 work?

Hider 2 hides your files under a cloak of AES-256 encryption, thus making your files inaccessible to anyone who accesses your Mac (unless if you give them the Hider 2 password).

However, what exactly is data encryption and AES-256?

In a nutshell, data encryption is the process of making files unreadable to parties who do not have the lock and key (in this case, your password). We don’t need to go into specifics here: Hider 2 allows you to create digital vaults wherein you can store your private files, rendering them untraceable and unreadable to other parties.

For the most part, Hider 2 is extremely easy to use, even if it’s the first time you’ve heard of the words “data encryption”. The encryption process is pretty simple: you only have to drag and drop the files and folders into your vaults. No more coding and other complicated processes: just simple click, drag, and drop action.

It does a good job in orienting users about data protection without having to make them understand all the intricacies involving data encryption. The user interface is intuitive and fairly easy to get. With it’s dark color theme, it is pleasant to look at.

The app will then create copies of your files within its system – it may take a while for larger files to be completed though.

What does it do?


To put it simply, Hider 2 keeps the files you stowed in the vaults from anyone using your computer, except you. It blocks Apple’s Spotlight from searching and accessing the files, which is a must considering OS X 10.11 El Capitan’s enhanced Spotlight features.

Hider merges file visibility to data encryption: it makes files stored in it invisible to anyone who is accessing the Finder. You can also store these files on a removable disk, may it be a flash disk or an external hard drive.

Files you can store

Though there’s no chance you’re securing nuclear launch codes for the President of the United States, you’re better off storing private files which could get you in trouble if they got out or were copied. Best examples include your bank account and credit card numbers, examination papers for your students, work-related secrets, reports and strategies.

You can also store various kinds of multimedia files, like audio, video, and image files. This is a must especially if you’re working on a confidential project.

Sometimes, you cannot risk it: a colleague or a student might somehow grab hold of your laptop to copy files or learn about your trade secrets. You also cannot discount the possibility of your computer being stolen – without Hider 2, all of your passwords, account numbers, and notes could be compromised.


Overall, Hider 2 is your strongest line of defense from anyone looking to sneakily access your laptop.

It’s a must not only for anyone with secrets to keep, but for everyone aiming to protect themselves and the data their computers carry. Not only does it hide, it secures and keeps you and your data safe.

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