How To Replace Your Battery and Display for iPhone 6s

We’re not sure why you would need to replace your iPhone 6s battery unless it was having charging issues, but let’s assume that since the phone is still early in its lifecycle that you’re doing this for experimental purposes (or you’ve already found a way to short the battery). Since I broke the display on one of my phones during the first week of purchase, my guide to replacing your screen is especially close to my heart.

Anyway, here’s a complete guide which will help you replace both the iPhone 6s’ display and battery:

Replacing the Display

One of my favorite sources for fixing anything comes from the great folks at Everything that I have learned about fixing anything iPhone-related has some from their site. The guide (and images) are based on iFixit’s steps, so if you like what you read be sure to check out their other guides.

#1. Prior to doing anything, be sure to completely power off your iPhone 6s. Next, remove the two Pentalobe 3.4mm screws on the either sound of the Lightning connector (it’s where you plug your charger).

#2. Use an iSclack to lift the front panel. If you don’t have one use a suction cup. It’s best to place it just above the home button.

#3. There is a small space just above the headphone jack (assuming your iPhone 6s is facing up). It’s the best place to start prying the phone open. Lift up the suction cup to put a gap between the front and rear panels. After a gap opens, insert the spudger.

#4. Twist the spudger gently to open the gap further and break it free from the adhesive.

#5. There is adhesive sticking the front and rear panels of the phone on the sides. Use the spudger to slice through them.

#6. Open the display by pulling the suction cup which will remove the display. Remember not to lift more than 90 degrees as it is still connected to several cables which may break if you do.

#7. Keep the display propped up and as you’re working on the iPhone 6s. Next, remove the two screws from the battery connector bracket – the 3.0 mm screw and the 2.3 mm one.

#8. Remove the metal battery connector bracket.

#9. Disconnect the battery connector from the logic board.

#10. Use the flat end of the spudger to disconnect the battery connector from the logic board. Be sure to push it to the side to prevent the phone from accidentally turning on while you’re working on it.

#11. Remove the following screws. Be sure to keep track of where each screws are placed. Putting the wrong screw on one socket will damage the phone.

#12. After doing so, remove the front panel assembly cable from the logic board.

#13. Remove the spudger to disconnect the front camera and sensor cable connector. Disconnect the digitizer connector cable too.

#14. Lastly, use the spudger to disconnect the display data connector. After which, you can then remove the display!

Replacing the Battery

If you wish to replace the battery with a higher powered one (the iPhone 6s has a lower mAh battery compared to its predecessor), then do so at your discretion – just be sure that it’s safe and compatible. Anyway, the iPhone have always been known to have a short battery lifespan, so it’s inevitable that someone would want to replace theirs.

The process is nearly similar to replacing the display.

#1-#10 – Follow the same steps above. There are no differences between the first 10 steps of battery replacement compared to display replacement.

#11. Take a pair of tweezers to peel the edges of the black adhesive strips which are placed on the bottom of the batter.

#12. After which, grab the ends of the adhesive strips and hold them. Keep them flat and wide. After which, pull the two strips away from the phone. Note that the adhesives are pretty long: pull gently until the there is none of them left between the battery and rear.

#13. After which, you can remove the battery from the rear case.

Precautions and reminders


It’s always best to have an expert work on your iPhone 6s for you. Unless if you have experience on working on electronics or have done something like this before, then go ahead.

Be sure to label the removed screws and place them on a secure location. These screws are pretty tiny, it’s easy to lose them. It will be difficult to find replacements and placing the wrong screw during assembling the phone to its original state may damage some of its parts.

If you feel like you’ve done something wrong, go over the guide again and be sure to check each step.

Before replacing the battery and display, be sure that you actually know what you’re doing. You would not want to end up breaking your phone and ending up disappointed!

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