It’s Time To Submit Your iOS 9 Apps To The App Store

Apple has recently released a statement asking developers to submit applications to the App Store.

On September 11th, Apple announced it is now allowing submissions for iOS 9, OS X El Capitan, and watchOS 2. This is likely in preparation of the release of the iOS 9 to the iPhone and iPad, and the impending launch of the watchOS 2 this week. El Capitan will follow suit in two weeks, on September 30.

This piece of news comes within days after the golden master builds of El Capitan and iOS 9 were released. Basically, this represents the last stage of beta testing before the apps are released into the public. Developers can also release their apps via Testflight to third-party beta testers, making them less dependent to internal testing.

It is worth noting that some outdated apps, like those done before iOS 8 and El Capitan’s, may not work smoothly on the newly released operating systems. With that said, developers are scrambling for time just to make their applications go online in the app store before Wednesday.

After the apps go through the review done by Apple’s review team, these apps will then be made public and make appearances on the App Store. Most apps will be online in time for the operating systems’ release.

The iOS 9 will bring a set of new features, such as a new and improved Siri, Apple’s own virtual assistant. It will also bring Proactive, a feature which suggests apps, news, and other tasks on the search page. It also brings the Multitask app to the iPad, giving the tablet computer users ability to open and access multiple apps at the same time.

Meanwhile, watchOS 2 allows apps to run on the device, and connect directly to a WiFi network instead of relying mostly on its paired phone. There are currently over 11,400 apps on the Apple Watch this September, signifying the device’s hasty growth.

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