The iOS 9 Bug Report: News and Issues

Newly-released software are always bound to have bugs and features which are in dire need of improvement. The iOS 9 is no exception: two weeks into its release, the mobile operating system has had a number of issues which are in dire need to be fixed.

Though the newest mobile operating system promises faster performance and new features, it has been less than stellar – a complete contrast against the market performance of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Apple has released a patch a few days ago and though it helped remove some bugs, there are still some that currently persist.

So far, here are some of the bugs hounding the iOS 9:

App slicing is unavailable

Affecting developers – and the consumers who are downloading their apps – this bug makes customers download the Universal version of an iOS 9 app rather than the variant for a specific type. Basically, app slicing enables the App Store to identify which device is downloading the app, allowing the device to download the necessary files specific to that model only.

Since App slicing not functional yet, users are downloading ALL variants – for the iPad, iPod, and iPhone – of the app, wasting precious megabytes of space. Apple added in its press release that App slicing will return at a later iOS 9 update, though Apple hasn’t specified when and which.

It’s best for consumers who are currently sporting an entry-level iPhone 6s 16 GB models to refrain from downloading apps for now.

Mobile Data issues


The iPhone 6s allows users to choose which apps can access and use their cellular data, a feature which helps lower exorbitant phone bills bound to give you a mini-heart attack.

However, there’s an iOS 9 bug which does not allow them to use their mobile data in some apps. When users are out and about, they may not be able to access some apps and go online. For example, they cannot  go online on Facebook, do a live Twitter cast of an extraordinary event happening in front of them, or get directions from Maps.

This limits what users can do with the smart phone, add the fact that this problem has not been fixed yet. Regardless, it’s only a matter of time before Apple comes up with a quick bug fix.

Compass and Gyroscope

Anyone who has played Ingress knows how cool augmented reality is. A number of upcoming apps, like the highly-anticipated Pokemon Go, are set to roll out next year.

However, there is currently a bug in the iPhone 6s which affects the gyroscope and compass, rendering augmented reality apps unusable. This is reported firsthand by an Apple user who fired up the Sky Guide app, an app which turns the device into an interactive map of the night sky. The user reported that the map drifts uncontrollably and it is happening to the iPhone 6s and devices running the iOS 9.

However, other users have reported that this is only exclusive to Sky Guide – the developer of the app has already released an update which fixes the glitch.

Here’s a compiled list of bugs and issues noted down by Apple in its website.

Resolved issues

Last week, Apple released an update which cracked down several bugs and issues. It came a week after the anticipated release of the iOS 9.

One of the bugs is infamously known as the “Slide to Upgrade” item, which caused the device to act up and freeze every time yo slid to open. Another bug involves alarms and failed to play and videos in Safari and pictures in photos to appear distorted. Apple has acknowledged this and has posted a troubleshooting guide in its support page.

The release of the new patch is a good thing, considering that millions of users could be potentially affected by the bugs.

The iOS 9 promises a slew of new features, not only for the iPhone 6s, but also for earlier devices. Apple claims that battery life will be increased (partially because of the low power mode). The Notes app has also been improved, with a new sketch function, the ability to create checklists and add attachments.

Not all bugs have been fixed in the latest update, but we can safely say Apple is working double time to have these issues resolved.

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