With Pre-Orders Now Live, is the iPhone 6s Worth It?

Set to be released on September 25th, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be Apple’s new pair of flagship smart phones, effectively displacing their predecessors, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The pre-orders have started, and Apple says that it’s on track to surpass last year’s weekend sales record.

However, it’s barely been a year since the previous iPhone 6 models have been released, and they don’t feel “old” at all. If you’re torn between pre-ordering or sticking it out with your current model, let’s weigh the facts and options and see if the iPhone 6s models are worth every buck.

The Price Tags

Basically, iPhone 6s models are separated into tiers, and their how much their cost is dependent on how much storage space they contain. The iPhone 6s 16GB costs $649, 64GB at $749, while 128GB is at $849. The iPhone 6s Plus is relatively pricier: 16GB is at $749, 64GB at $849, and 128GB at $949.

Yes, they may look like they cost an arm and a leg, but they might be worth the upgrade, considering they provide a host of new features.

The 3D Touch

We’ve been hearing a lot about 3D touch, and there’s even more to it than its name: it looks to introduce the Peek and Pop feature in the iPhone 6s. The way “Peek” works is relatively similar to Quick Look in Macbooks, iMacs, and devices running on OS X. To “Peek” lightly tap the object, file, link, photo, or e-mail you want to preview. This does not to make the iPhone 6s a must-buy, but it may prove invaluable when opening suspicious files and websites. To “Pop”, press harder and you’ll end up opening them.

A More Advanced Camera

Apple prides itself with its quality cameras; the iPhone 6s models will definitely live up to the billing. It hosts a 12MP rear camera, and a five megapixel front one, both relatively more powerful compared to their predecessors.

However, a more powerful camera and high quality images and videos come with a setback: high file sizes. If you take numerous photos, download music, and install dozens of games, you might not be able to cram all of them in single, 16GB iPhone 6s.

Well hey, at least you can take better selfies and pictures of your cat.

A stronger chip set


The iPhone 6 is armed with an A8 chip, one of the fastest ones in the industry. If you loved its sleek and quick response to commands, then you’ll definitely love the iPhone 6s: it features the A9, a new generation chip which Apple calls “the most advanced chip ever in a smart phone”.

It’s as powerful as the chips installed in desktop computers, making the iPhone 6s capable of running extremely powerful applications, games, and other software. There’s no doubt it will be quicker than your iPhone 6.

However, is it necessary to upgrade to the iPhone 6s because of the chip set? Probably not, even if you’re a hardcore mobile phone gamer or someone who finds its precursor’s abilities unsatisfying. Certain heavy-duty games run smoothly on my trusty iPhone 5, so why should I go ahead and upgrade to iPhone 6s?

Also, rumor has it the A10 chip will be in production next year for the iPhone 7.

Live Photos

A new, highly touted feature is the Live Photos. Simply put, these are “photos” which include the moments within the 1.5 seconds before and after the photo was taken. This is quite confusing: it’s not a video, nor is it a GIF image, given it plays sound.

We don’t know what to make of it, but we are aware that a single Live Photo can take up two to three times the storage space as a still one.

The Verdict

After all that has been said, should you go ahead and pre-order an iPhone 6s?

If you have the money and you’re raring to upgrade, by all means, go ahead. However, it doesn’t make sense to buy one now and replace your iPhone 6 – it’s more sensible to do so if you have an iPhone 5 or a 4s.

Just remember though, don’t buy the 16GB version: there isn’t enough storage space if you love taking photos and constantly download various media.

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