Juice Pack H2Pro Review: A Truly Waterproof Case for the iPhone

We’ve all browsed through catalogs of endless iPhone cases claiming to be waterproof. You might have even bought one, only to find out that it’s protective capabilities are falsely advertised. Though the iPhone 6s is durably built, it still has one glaring weakness: water. There are no waterproof iPhone models, at least not yet, so your best bet is to purchase a case which can make it one.

Regardless if you’re regularly bringing your phone to wet environments because of your job or if you have a history of dropping your phone on the toilet, Mophie’s Juice Pack H2Pro could be the answer to your protection (or lack thereof) or battery longevity problems.

Features and design

A word of warning: the Juice Pack H2Pro is not the prettiest iPhone case there is. It’s not flashy, but it’s pretty neat and easy on the eyes.

However, what it lacks in aesthetics it makes up for it in the functionality of its design: the case offers 810 G Military Standard impact protection and outstanding waterproof capabilities, since it’s rated IP68. These sound impressive and flashy, but what exactly do both of these mean?

  • IP means “Ingress Protection” and it refers to a casing or an enclosure’s ability to protect the device external elements, like dust, dirt, and other forms of debris, along with water. IP68 is the highest rating given, making the H2Pro able to protect the iPhone from both dust and water immersion for more than a meter.


  • 810 G is much more complicated, but it’s a way to measure a device or a case’s durability against the elements, temperatures, and forceful impacts.

If you want to learn more about these two, here’s a detailed entry defining and describing them.

The Juice Pack H2Pro is able to protect your phone from all kinds of minute, solid materials since it prevents entry into the case. As for its waterproof protection, don’t expect to let it stay at the bottom of an Olympic-sized pool for half an hour and escape unscathed: it can only survive 30 minutes in a pool of water that’s 1.2 meters or roughly four feet deep. As for the drop protection, it emerges unscathed if you drop it at a height of 1.2 meters.

Charging and battery life

Juice Pack H2Pro is not only a protective case: it’s also part of Mophie’s Juice Pack line, giving it dual functionality: it has the capability to give another 100% of battery life to your device. The case is equipped with a 2750 mAh battery, enough to give your phone a full charge. Due to this though, it’s slightly larger than most of its counterparts – it’s six inches tall, three inches wide, and 0.7-inches thick.

Mophie’s standard four LED lights are located at the back of the case – it tells you how much charging power it has left. To charge your device, simply press the push button responsible for toggling this option. While charging, the case DOES not indicate that it is doing so, meaning you will have to check your phone for it.

LED lights are at the bottom. Image: Mophie
LED lights are at the bottom. Image: Mophie

Charging the Juice Pack H2Pro is fairly easy too: the package comes with a micro USB connector, which is used to attach it to the port. Though it does not come with a Lightning connector, it charges your phone first – eliminating the need for you to remove it from the case – before charging the Juice Pack.

Sounds great, but does it hinder functionality?

Unless if you sweat over the smallest of details, there’s nothing alarming to worry about. It does not hinder functionality greatly, but yes, it does have some issues. These include:

  • Lower sound quality. Phone calls and audio will be a tad quieter on iPhones equipped with the case. You will need to increase the volume and concentrate more to pick up what the other person is speaking on the opposite line. However, this is to be expected in most waterproof cases.
  • The touchscreen feels wonky and inaccurate, particularly the lower part. There’s a little learning curve to get used to this, but it’s not a major issue altogether.
  • If you regularly use the TouchID you will be relieved: even if the sensor in the Home button is covered, it can still read your fingerprints. However, you will need to push harder in order to have it read.
  • The presence of the case makes the phone larger and heavier.

Verdict: should I buy it?

If you’re looking for something more fashionable, Juice Pack H2Pro is not for you – though the other color schemes are pleasing to the eye. It was not designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but rather to confront the destructive forces of nature which can ultimately destroy your phone.

However, if you value protection above all else, then you should definitely take a look at it. Remember though, not many cases offer waterproof and charging capabilities at the same time, so this should be the phone case you need.

It’s quite pricey at $129.99, but considering that it’s dual-purpose, it’s a worthwhile investment. It’s built for the iPhone 6, but can be fitted to the iPhone 6s, though it’ll be a bit tighter.

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