How to Maximize Your iPhone Earphones: Hacks and Controls

Not everybody knows this, but your iPhone earphones are more than just a way to quietly listen to music. Though it’s a pity that Apple is going either wireless for iPhone 7 or devoid of an audio jack, the current earphones are nothing short of amazing. Unheralded as they are, they possess a number of hidden functions and controls. And yes, searching for tutorials on the web is the only way to find them. This is where we come in: the iPhone earphones have a plethora of functions you may not be aware of. You being in the dark about all this ends today.

Gone are the days wherein you will need other manufacturer’s earphones . All you need to have a seamless and satisfying audio experience are your iPhone earphones.

(Note: these  functions can be used in all iPad and iPod models as well)

Toggle pause & play by using the center button

First off, yes, there is a center button on the iPhone earphones. It’s between the + and – buttons. We’re sure that some of you just found out after reading this.

Anyway, to toggle pause and play all you have to do is press the center button. Do so once while the audio is playing, it pauses. Press again, and the audio will play. Simple, right?

Skip to the next song

iPhone earphones

There’s always that certain song you skip on your playlist. Thankfully, you no longer have to take out your iPhone from your pocket to skip it.

Do so by simply pressing the center button twice in quick succession.

Go to the previous song

There’s always a song you love repeating on your playlist. It might remind you of a certain special day, or you could relate to the lyrics

Regardless of what it is, you can replay it just by pressing the center button quickly for three times.

To fast forward a song

We can’t find good reasons to fast forward a song, unless if you’re in a rush to hear a certain part again. Well hey, everybody does it, right?

Maybe not, but regardless, you can do this by pressing the center button twice – during the second press, hold. The song will then fast forward and you can stop this by releasing the center button.

Rewinding a song

You might find the urge to do this if certain parts are unclear. We’re sure people had to double check if a certain female artist sang “Starbucks lovers” or “long list of ex-lovers”.

Jokes aside, you can rewind a song by pressing the center button three times. At the third press, hold: it will then rewind. Release to stop. Now, get those lyrics right!

Phone call? Answer it!

iPhone earphones - phone call

On any day, you might be taken aback by a phone call while dancing to your favorite beat.

Quickly answer your caller by pressing the center button. To hang up, simply press it again.

On a positive note, you no longer have to dramatically throw your phone to hang up angrily.

Reject a phone call

On certain occasions, we may either be too busy or in the middle of an awesome song, leading us to reject incoming phone calls.

Do this by pressing the center button and holding it for at least a couple of seconds. After which, you will hear two beeps which signals that your caller has been redirected to your voicemail.

Talk to Siri

Yes, you can talk to Siri with the iPhone earphones. There is a tiny microphone on the other side of the earphone controls: notice the tiny mic icon?

Anyway, you can talk to Siri and access her capabilities by pressing and holding the center button. After which, you will hear her familiar voice asking you what she can do for you.

Take a picture

One of the perennial problems of taking a photo using a handheld is stability (or lack thereof) when you press the shutter button. Thankfully, your iPhone earphones addresses this problem.

Launch your camera and instead of using the touch screen or the side buttons, use the earphones buttons to take pictures. Do this by simply pressing the + button as soon as your shot is ready!

Thanks to the above mentioned controls, we can easily say that the iPhone earphones are a perfect companion to your Apple device!

Be sure to try these out and let us know how it went in the comments!

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