Microsoft Office iPad: A Rundown of New Features

Stunning is an understatement.

During Apple’s big event last September 9, Microsoft executive Kirk Koenigsbauer spoke and presented an updated Microsoft Office for iOS 9 and the iPad Pro, which is set to be released in November. This move is in line with Microsoft’s new strategy to build applications in platforms it does not have control of.

Taking advantage of the new features that are going to be offered for iPad and iPhone, like split-screen multitasking, and the Apple’s new stylus, aptly named Apple Pencil.



The iPad Pro is primarily aimed towards – like its namesake suggests – professionals, which is why Apple is working well with Microsoft – its Office suite could be enough to lure in buyers who plan to use the tablet in their workplaces.  The tech giant recently introduced Split View and Slide Over on the iOS 9, which allows you to seamlessly work on multiple tasks at the same time. Every Office app, from Word, Outlook, to PowerPoint, has been optimized to play this role.

Let’s say you’re working on a slideshow presentation and at the same time, editing the transcript of your report. The updated Microsoft Office allows you to open Word and PowerPoint at the same time – you could switch over to the presentation after filling out one of the blank areas on your transcript.

You could also run OneNote and PowerPoint at the same time, especially during presentations. For example, you can use Powerpoint slides to display your oversized charts and use OneNote to take notes along with the presentation.

Compatibility with Spotlight

Spotlight, Apple’s search feature, can now look up OneNote files and Outlook e-mails, displaying them on the search results among the web search items, allowing you to find notes and the e-mails you’ve sent from an iOS device without any hassles.

Using the Apple Pencil

Screen shot 2015-10-14 at 12.42.03 AM

The stylus can be used to ink and highlight documents. This feature comes in handy if you’re sharing and editing documents with your coworkers – it makes it easy to point out mistakes and highlight certain points. Users will have a wide selection of colors, pens, and adjust the thickness of the “ink”. You can even use Apple Pencil to draw and create content on Powerpoint.

Keyboard Support

And in one of the most productivity-friendly announcements of all, the iPad wireless keyboard shortcuts are now recognized by the new Microsoft Office, saving you a a lot of time and effort. You can also easily look up the shortcuts with the Command key.

The prospect of having a Microsoft Office suite on the iPad Pro and other iOS devices is enticing to most users, which might be why Apple is openly welcoming their competitors with open arms. Microsoft investing on the iOS may seem to be in direct contrast to their efforts in promoting the Surface tablet, but this move is beneficial to both companies. After all, their consumers will end up benefiting regardless if they compete or cooperate.

In your case, does the upgraded Microsoft Office on iOS devices and iPad Pro make Apple’s products more enticing? Please tell us in the comments!

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