News Flash: The Newly-opened Apple Store in Manhattan

Apple opened its 10th New York City retail store – and 7th in Manhattan – in the World Trade Center on Tuesday, which is one of its biggest yet.

The new Apple Store was right inside the World Trade Center’s Bustling Transportation Hub, giving its customers easy access to its astounding facilities. Right from the get-go, thousands of customers have already visited and roamed the electronics giant’s newest addition to its numerous stores, ecstatic and looking forward to see what it had to offer.

Designed to fit in

Apple - store employees

The new store’s design was far from the usual templates we see from Apple. Instead, we were treated to an abstract design which draws inspiration from the surrounding structures. Moreover, the store combined the elements of its futuristic Oculus designs surrounding it, as well as the ones of surrounding structures.

It occupies two floors, and its interior structural beams and display tables line up perfectly with the building’s unique curved beams. As for the upper floor, the ceiling was also curved to extend the shape of the Oculus’ wing design – all to create a seamlessly comfortable space.

What’s inside the shop?

Apple - interior

There is not much difference between the new Apple Store and the existing ones: the interior looks much like every other Apple Store. However, there are definitely big differences and notable additions unique to it, arguably making it one of the best Apple Stores out there:

  • It has a large video wall which features and shows clips of Apple products.
  • A sitting area called the “Forum”, a sitting area where customers are supposed to sit down, tinker with their newly-bought items, and learn how to use them.
  • The Avenue section which has a pretty creative idea behind it. Basically, it emulates the action of walking around a city block, displaying different windows. Each section changes seasons, and contains different kinds of Apple products customers can test and try out for themselves.

Take note that it contains a wide range of notable Apple products and accessories, from the iMac, the new iPhone 6s, Apple Watch, iPad Pro, everything.

What it brings to Manhattan

apple - store employees

The World Trade Center’s glitz and glamor has definitely been upgraded thanks to the presence of the newly-opened Apple Store. It should be noted that thousands of people pass by the said building everyday, and having an Apple Store certainly gives consumers various purchasing options.

Apple’s senior vice president of Retail and Online Stores, Angela Ahrendts, was noticeably vibrant at the thought of opening a new Apple at the said location. In a press release, she mentioned that

“We’re honored and humbled to have a small and supporting role in the rebirth of the World Trade Center. “We look forward to serving all who visit, live and work in this remarkable community.”

More importantly, the Apple Store brought new jobs into the area, with 270 native New Yorkers manning the Apple Store, with staff from 49 other Apple locations across the country.

Should you go and visit?

If you live nearby and pass by the Word Trade Center Transportation hub everyday, you should take time to visit the newly-opened Apple Store. It may be a regular Apple Store, but it’s certainly one of the largest retail outlets Apple has ever made. Plus, it’s an Apple Store: what more can you ask for?

The last time Apple opened a store in Manhattan was in 2015 on the Upper East Side. The newly-opened one is definitely a great addition – and attractions. It’s enough to boost Apple’s business prospects and sate the demand of New Yorkers craving for Apple products.

Have you visited it? Please let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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