Our List of Major App Updates For iOS 9

After the release of Apple’s newest line of iPhones and operating systems, a few concerns were raised and one of them is the compatibility of both native and 3rd-party apps. Currently, most developers are still working on making their applications compatible with the iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch, the iOS 9’s new features, and the watchOS 2’s improved features.

However, some apps have already gotten a head start (both native and 3rd-party ones) and have been updated to support Apple’s newest devices and software. With that said, here’s a list containing new app updates:

Apple Maps

Now far from its laughable version which came with the iPhone 5 a few years ago, Apple Maps is starting to look more like Google Maps. The updated iOS 9 version comes with new capabilities, like having transit directions and information within its system along with giving users the ability to perform indoor mapping.

It has a new function called Flyover, which lets you explore cities from a bird’s eye view. Developers can now support Apple Maps or location services from Apple via the Mapkit framework and Core Location. We may see this come into play next year, with the release of Pokemon Go.

App in the Air

The updated App in the Air app brings a complication (clock face) to the watchOS 2, enabling you to see flights on your Apple Watch by simply holding down your wrist. In the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, users are able to navigate straight into the in-app functions by using the nifty new 3D Touch.

Apple News


Since I like for all of my news to be in one place, I’m always trying out new feed readers. Apple News has to be my favorite so far. It will feature various pieces of content straight from wires of news publishers and content creators. Publishers can apply to have themselves included in the app, given that they provide a logo and by allowing then iCloud Drive to access the website’s RSS feeds.

Pinner v4.0

Pinner is a great app – its capabilities were increased further with its most recent update, version 4.0. It now works with Spotlight. The browser in the Pinner is also integrated with Safari, which means you’ll be able to access the same Safari sessions (along with the saved passwords) with the Pinner browser. The design has also been fine-tuned. The iPad version of the app supports Split View , which is a new feature on the iOS 9.

Apple Wallet

apple pay

Apple has further refined the Apple Wallet, which was formerly known as the PassBook. Also called Apple Pay, you can use this app to well…pay. With the iOS 9 version, you can use store credit cards like Kohls and JCPenney. You can also add reward cards like those in Walgreens and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Dark Sky

A weather app which can give Yahoo Weather a run for its money, Dark Sky is available for download on the iOS and can be linked up to the watch OS 2. It has custom complications for the Apple Watch (which is based on your location) and supports Time Travel – you can simply turn the crown to see the future weather forecasts and the earlier weather conditions.



The Notes app has always been a mainstay in Apple’s devices and to those who frequently use it, you’re up for a treat. Nowadays, it’s more than just creating a shopping list or listing down plans for a date – it can now help you set reminders or export any of your other notes from other app to it.

It also allows you to sketch and create drawings (only available for iPhone 5 and later models, iPad 4th Gen, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPod Touch 6th gen) using their fingers. It’s still unknown if the app will support the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (both will be released on November), but it is likely that they will.

Notes is also integrated into iCloud which means it can now be viewed on other devices.


If you don’t like using the Notes app, there are other alternatives, like AnyList which is currently on version 4.8. This has been further optimized for iOS 9 and it can now multitask on the iPad thanks to the Split View and Slide Over functions. These new features make the app easier and more convenient to work with, especially if you’re trying to copy paste recipes, ingredients, and other pieces of content to and from the app.

It is also supported by Spotlight which allows you to easily search for your lists on your iOS device without hassles.

What if my app isn’t on here?

This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive – if one your most-used apps hasn’t been updated yet, don’t fret: their developers are likely working on it right now. And most apps still will work with iOS 9 – it’s more about which ones will be updated to take advantage of new features like 3D touch.

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