New iPhone 7 Details Revealed: What We Know So Far

Let’s poke fun on the iPhone 7. Sure, the new and upcoming Apple smartphone could potentially be an amazing one, even trumping its predecessor, the highly esteemed iPhone 6s. Details are scarce, but KGI Securities’ Ming-chi Kuo, a tech soothsayer who has predicted Apple hardware details with dead-on accuracy for years, released a report. It stated certain details of the iPhone 7, and we can’t help but look forward to what it can bring to the table.

Apple is set to release details about its new flagship smartphone within the next few days. Take note that some of the contents of the report may differ from what you will hear on September 7th!

No earphone jack

iphone 7 - earphones

As you may have already known and heard, the iPhone 7 won’t have a 3.5mm earphone jack. It is the most controversial aspect of the new smartphone. Given that there’s no longer a 3.5mm port, third-party earphones cannot be inserted into the phone, unless if they have a lightning connector or ate wireless.

To appease buyers, Kuo says that Apple may include earphones that plug into the Lightning charging port in the box. Moreover, it will also come with an adapter that will allow traditional audio devices to be plugged in.

Improved Force Touch

Thanks to the space saved by eliminating the audio jack, 3D Touch will be improved further. Apparently, Apple is putting a new sensor to improve the overall experience. If you loved this feature in the iPhone 6s, you will love it more in the iPhone 7. However, we’re still in the dark about how it will improve the overall experience, so we’ll just have to wait for Apple’s official announcement.

Larger Storage Tiers

iphone 7 - storage

The iPhone 7 will have larger storage tiers. The base (or the cheapest) model will come with an internal storage of 32 GB. It will be joined by larger tiers: a 128 GB one and an astounding 256 GB one.

Better Processor and Higher RAM

The report mentioned that the iPhone 7 is poised to be the fastest smartphone Apple has ever released. It might come with the ultra-fast A10 processor, which has clocked in at 2.4 GHz. Its predecessor, the A9 chip, has a speed of 1.85 GHz.

The iPhone 7 will be equipped with 3 GB of RAM, making it able to support heavy processes demanded by its system. Moreover, the upgrade is likely due to the new and improved camera.

A New Camera

iphone 7 - camera

If you were blown away by the iPhone 6s camera, you will be stupefied by the one on the iPhone 7. It is rumored to possess a dual-lens camera system and a new optical zoom mechanism which will allow you to take better photos. Apart from these, the flash will also be changed to illuminate people’s faces better in dark environments. Having said that, it will likely possess four LEDs: warm and cool will have two apiece.

Five Color Options

The iPhone 7 is rumored to have five color options, and every one of them is guaranteed to look pleasing and chic. The rose gold, gold, and silver color themes will remain. Space gray will be replaced by dark black and piano black – which is essentially black but with a glossy finish. Kuo’s report mentioned that piano black will be the cream of the crop. It may be limited to the models belonging to the higher storage tiers.

So far, it has not been mentioned if the iPhone 7 will come with the all-new iOS 10 or if there are any software upgrades. Furthermore, there’s no news of them getting rid of the Home button as well. Regardless, Kuo’s report gives us a clear picture of what to expect: a better camera, a faster processor, and glamorous aesthetics.

What are you looking forward to from the iPhone 7? Please tell us in the comments!

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