Five Photography Apps that Give Instagram a Run for Its Money

Everybody loves Instagram, but at times, you might want to see a fresh perspective which is why you might like other photography apps. Although it’s arguably one of the most popular platforms out there, it’s already crowded and overused. For a change, it would be great to spend time browsing photos not posted by celebrities and are trying to sell you something. Note that Instagram is taking huge leaps to be a hybrid social media + ecommerce platform, and for photography purists (which you might be part of), this might not sit well.

With that said, here are some photography apps which can give Instagram a run for its money, can sate your artistic hunger, and meet your need to see good photography.

(Note: all of these apps are free) 


Yes, we know, Snapchat is hardly comparable to Instagram – the latter was made purely for photography, while the former is a medium to fulfill one’s quota for vanity. Moreover, risque photos are not a rarity on Snapchat, whereas they are pretty much prohibited on Instagram.

Regardless, it’s still a good alternative if you’re seeking another photography app. This is whether you’re fond of looking at selfies or trying to connect with an audience to market whatever you’re selling.


We never thought anyone would say this, but Flickr is arguably your best bet if you’re looking for an Instagram alternative. It is one of the forefathers of photography apps, having been launched six years before its highly popular descendant. Flickr rocks – like Instagram, it’s free and it offers you an astounding terabyte of online photo storage. This gives you numerous opportunities to showcase your picture-taking expertise. Furthermore, it allows you to directly upload to its database, freeing up a chunk of space on your iPhone.

Like Instagram, this app has a multitude of editing capabilities and filters, allowing you to personally improve your photos. In terms of intellectual property rights, Flickr allows you to keep them for yourself. Otherwise, you can make it available for the community’s use. Take note that this is something Facebook and Instagram doesn’t offer!


This app rocks. Much like its more popular rival, it has a loyal fan base.  Just search for people who use the hashtag VSCO Cam on Twitter and even on Instagram: you will find plenty. It beautifully maximizes your iPhone’s capabilities with its own camera and a host of numerous features. Furthermore, it has more – I repeat, MORE – editing capabilities than Instagram. It also creates a camera roll of its own, giving you easy access to the photos you took while using it.


No, this photography app isn’t a cheap knockoff of Snapchat. Rather, it’s arguably one of the best photography apps for people who made photography their profession. Still not convinced? Well, it was acquired by Google, giving you assurance that it will be continually improved. Plus, it’s also considered by the tech circles as an app which is a close competitor to Photoshop.

Snapseed gives you an abundance of professional editing tools, eliminating the need for advanced editing software. Look at this from a different perspective: it offers features Instagram doesn’t and at for free at that.

Adobe Photoshop Express

A blog entry about Instagram alternatives without listing Adobe Photoshop Express should be crossed off the Internet already. However, this isn’t the sole reason why we included this on the list: it’s great photography app in its own right. Although its features are minuscule compared to the big photography daddy known to many as Adobe Photoshop, it does offer a variety of capabilities. It lets you edit and fix your photos, giving it a professional touch.

More importantly, you don’t have to learn the overly-complicated intricacies of Photoshop to effectively edit your photos. Like Instagram and the other apps on this list, it is intuitive enough to be used by any smartphone newbie.

Overall, these photography apps can give the functionality Instagram is capable of and can definitely sub in for it. Additionally, these apps are host to dynamic communities: be a part of them and enjoy browsing top-quality photos!

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