• Apple Developer Site – Apple’s Macintosh Programming Pages
  • Apple Developer Connection News – developer related technical, business, and marketing information direct from Apple, includes info on MacOS, Java, internet, hardware, etc.
  • Apple’s AppleScript page – Free scripts, utilities, source code, and more!
  • Macintosh Developer Headquarters (aka DevHQ) – developer info, tutorials, links, and searchable source code library! [NEW!]
  • Mac Game Development – Apple libraries and resources to make it easier to create games for the Mac, including Apple Game Sprockets
  • ScriptWeb – AppleScript and Frontier resource
  • Macintosh C Programming – great tutorial and reference for C programming on the Mac ON-LINE! [HOT!]
  • Macintosh Programmer’s Link Library – this site should be called The ULTIMATE Macintosh Developer site with links to AppleScript, Frontier, MacPerl, MacPython, Tcl/Tk, JavaScript, Macro Utilities, HyperCard, HyperStudio, MetaCard, SuperCard, FileMaker Pro, Assembler, RealBasic, MPW, Codewarrior, Java, Lisp, Think Pascal, Prograph, Scheme, Game Design, Code Editors, Resource Editors, Debugging, Frameworks, Libraries, Source Code, and much much more! [HOT!]
  • Linux for PowerPC System page – an FREE UNIX-like OS for the Mac, WITH Netscape support! Also check out the MkLinux For PowerMac Resource Page!
  • MacHack – the Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers, still held in Dearborn, MI
  • MacHacks – How to screw with a Macintosh (and now PCs too!)
  • Program.Com – an developer’s resource and info on NeXT, Rhapsody, CGI/Perl, etc!
  • ResExcellence – If you miss Desktop Madness, you’ll love ResExcellence. Customize your Macintosh desktop! ResEdit required, not for the faint of heart! 🙂
  • StepWise – NextStep, OpenStep, and Mac OS X Server news, software, and links

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