Review: Twelve South’s Forté Apple Watch Stand

Creating Apple Watch stands is Twelve South’s forté (pun intended), first with the HiRise, and second with the Forté.

Twelve South exclusively creates accessories for Apple products and works closely with Apple in that regard. With that said, the Forté is one of the selected few Apple Watch stands being sold at Apple Stores.

The watchOS 2 has a Nightstand mode which requires the Apple Watch to be in landscape mode: to do so, it has to be placed on its side. Initially, this became a problem for Twelve South: the HiRise didn’t allow the Apple Watch to lie on its side.

So, Twelve South took the next logical step: they designed and created a new stand. If you’re planning to buy one, here’s what we think of it, along with what you should expect:

#1. The aesthetics and materials

Apple relies mostly on presentation – Steve Jobs’ keynote speeches proves it. Most Apple products are also pretty advanced aesthetically: there are little to zero Apple products which are lacking in the looks department. This is also where the Forté Apple Watch stand shines: it’s easily the most beautiful and elegant stand you will encounter in Apple stores.

It’s beauty comes from its simple, minimalist design. It does not stand out at all, even if you focus on the chromed stand. Its black leather is nothing special as well: it’s simply just a piece of leather coating the tough, metallic base. Having metal parts means that it’s pretty durable and can withstand typical accidents.

However, its rather simple appearance means that it does not draw attention to itself, making it a perfect complementing piece for your Apple Watch. Unfortunately, Forté only comes with a black leather base – it may not pair up well with some Apple Watch models – in terms of color combinations. Regardless, it’s still a good-looking accessory that suits most devices well, especially the recently released Hermes.


#2. Functionality and charging

The Forté Apple Watch stand is as good as advertised. As mentioned earlier, it can both support two orientations: landscape and portrait.

The metallic arm has a 40-degree angle, which makes it easier to see if you have placed it alongside your bed and on a table. This allows it to seamlessly enable the Apple Watch’s Nightstand mode. Despite the wide metal plate, the design of its arm allows it to fit on crowded desk surfaces.

Unfortunately, Forté does not come with an Apple Watch cable: you will need to purchase your own.

Charging your Apple watch using this stand is pretty easy. At the center of the stand, there is a polycarbonate ring wherein you’re supposed to place the magnetic charger. Setting it up is pretty simple: simply remove the plastic cap on top of the arm, revealing a polycarbonate-coated ring. After which, insert the Apple Watch charger – doing so is effortless since it comfortably fits into the arm.

This supports both the Apple Watch Sport charger (which is thicker) and the normally issued charger.

The Forté Apple Watch stand also has a protective feature: the polycarbonate ring prevents the underside of the Apple Watch from making contact with any of the stand’s metallic parts. This prevents scratching and allows you to switch the orientation of the watch easily.

There is also a groove at the back designed to hide the charger’s wire. It’s cool, but there’s a part that curves to the side: people with OCD might not like the look of it. Personally, I think they could have ditched the grooves.

#3. Other details


It’s more expensive compared to others at $59, but you can never go wrong with the Forté Apple Watch stand. Here are some of its most notable details:

  • You can charge your Apple Watch regardless if you open or close the loop bands.
  • It weighs in at .77 lbs or 351 grams, making it a little weighty compared to other stands.
  • You would love how it’s stored – the box looks elegant and there’s a beautiful ribbon keeping it in place. Twelve South also enclosed a credit card inside it.

Overall the Forté Apple Watch stand is a great accessory for Apple’s smartwatch and a perfect addition to your desk. If you’re in the market for a stand, be sure to put this on your shopping list!

Check out its official web page here.

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