Sprint Now Offers the Most Affordable iPhone 6s Plan

Looks like the carrier wars are heating up – we’re learning that if you want the carriers to fight to the death, just release a new iPhone.

Countering T-Mobile’s $5 a month plan, rival Sprint came up with its own offer for users looking to avail a new iPhone 6s: $1 a month.

In a press release, Sprint started offering the iPhone 6s 16 GB for a mouthwatering $1 and the iPhone 6s Plus at $5 a month provided that you trade it in with your old iPhone 6. This is lower compared to rival T-Mobile’s offer, which lists the 16 GB iPhone 6s at $5 and the iPhone 6s Plus at $9. And yes, Sprint subscribers can get an iPhone 6s for $12 per month without the trade-in.

Higher memory variants of the iPhone 6s plan are also affordable, with the 64 GB variant at $5.77 and $10.53 for the 128 GB one. As for the iPhone 6s Plus, the company offers $9.77 a month for the 64 GB version and $14.53 for the 128 GB one.

This is part of Sprint’s iPhone Forever program which allows their customers to avail the most recent models at low prices as soon as they are available. Of course, you’ll have to join Sprint or be an upgrade-eligible customer, so make sure that your area has good coverage. It is worth noting that Sprint is still behind its main competitors T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T for coverage quality.

This not only bests T-Mobile’s offer, but also to the top two carriers. Verizon offers $27.08 a month, while the AT&T charges $32.50.

Editor’s Note: As of 9/28/15 Verzion, feeling the pressure of its competitors, has also revealed their own iPhone plan

This offer started on Friday, September 25th – the same date as the release of the iPhone 6s.

The iPhone 6s is Apple’s newest flagship smartphone which boasts a new 12 megapixel camera capable of taking Ultra High Definition footage. It is also fitted with new pressure-sensitive technology, which Apple calls 3D Touch. It is a busy for Apple, which also released their new mobile operating system, iOS 9, and watch OS 2 for Apple Watch. It will also release the new OS X, called El Capitan, on the 30th.

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