Let us explore the newest Tech rumors about the iPhone 13. Sure enough, Apple released the iPhone 12 not too far back with unique features like Super Retina Display, 5G Network, and A14 Bionic processor, and much more. Details are scarce, and most of what we know on this iPhone could be rumors.

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 13 in mid-September. Take note that some of the contents of the report may differ from what you will hear closer to the release!

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Battery Capacity

As you may have read, the iPhone 13 might be receiving a bigger battery than previous phones! According to rumors from China, the iPhone 13 series will have from 200 more maH Capacity to 1,200 more maH Capacity than the iPhone 12 series.  

However, the increase in battery capacity does not automatically mean a longer lifetime for the iPhone, which falls short compared to Samsung maH batteries (ranging from 4,000 – 5,000 maH). The battery life will heavily depend on optimization and software battery consumption.


When it comes to cameras, we all know that Samsung is the winner. With 100x zoom capabilities, Apple is hugely behind. On the most recent iPhone 12, we can see 10x zoom capabilities, which leads us to wonder if Apple might try and catch up on this new invention.

Another problem with cameras today is taking pictures at night. The iPhone 13 is also rumored to have better night-vision capability for taking the best photos in the dark.


Apple Insider
Apple Insider

Lightning Port

Another rumor that hasn’t succumbed yet is the idea of removing the lightning port. As I recall, September 2016 was the first announcement of ditching the headphone jack and announcing the new wireless headphones.  

Technology has undoubtedly evolved, and now wireless chargers are standard in every household. Jon Prosser, a frequent leaker, admitted that being portless was the end goal. So does this mean the lightning jack will be ditched too?



We don’t know if the iPhone 13 is the official name for the newest phone. As many of us know, Apple likes to change its terms like the iPhone X or even skip over numbers. Moreover, they could also copy Samsung’s idea and name their phone after the year, which would make the iPhone 2021 very intriguing.



If you have a phone, most likely you think that the screen is one of the most essential features of the phone. In more recent cases, Apple has come up with OLED screens for its iPhone, which will be no different from the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 will have a higher refresh rate OLED screen and possibly an always-on feature like newer Apple watches. The screen might also be the exact size of the iPhone 12 series, but Apple could always surprise us!

Release Date

The new iPhone 13 series should be released sometime in Mid-September based on previous unveilings of iPhones. Apple typically releases the products a week and a half after the product is announced, which takes place in September for the most part. There is one exception, however. Due to the Pandemic, 2020 was the first year that Apple did not release a phone in September in almost 8 years. Rumors continue to suggest that Apple is on track to release the iPhone on time, but we will have to wait for the official Apple announcement.

So far, none of these features have been confirmed by Apple but given to us by reliable sources. Furthermore, we don’t even know if the iPhone 13 will be the name on the shelf or if the iPhone will skip the shelves. Regardless, Apple always surprises us and never fails to provide the world with a reliable, fast, and convenient smartphone.

What are you looking forward to from the iPhone 13? Please tell us in the comments!

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