Tips to Sell a Used Mac

Letting go of a Mac is difficult: it may have stuck with you throughout college and is the primary reason why you passed all of your paperwork – both in college and at your first job – on time.

Even if it holds some sort of a sentimental value, there will always come a time when you will have to let it go.

So, if you are here to sell a used Mac, I have some tips and reminders which can increase the possibility of your Mac being bought – and hopefully I can help you avoid from being ripped of.

Know the price range

Higher-end models still sell well in the secondhand market and can fetch as much as a thousand dollars if they’re still in mint condition.

In your case, here are some factors which will determine how much you should sell a used Mac.

  • Your device’s exterior condition. To sell it for a maximum price, it has to be fully functional with no scrapes, scratches, stains or dents in the body. Buyers are very particular about this: a single scratch can depreciate your Mac’s value by a hundred dollars or more.
  • Functional factors. Does its battery last for more than six hours or does it need to be replaced? Is it running 50% slower compared to what it has been when you bought it?
  • Study the market. Start checking the prices of various Macs, especially those of the same model, which are up for sale on websites like eBay and Craigslist. Checking out Apple’s refurbished store is a good place to start too.
  • Size up the competition and learn if it’s in demand. Usually, the worst time to sell your Mac is the time when other people are unloading theirs – you will definitely be pitted with other sellers. If you’re looking to offload your Mac quickly, your best bet is to lower the price range. If not, put up a standard price and wait.

Each model’s prices vary, so be sure to check their original prices and how much other secondhand sellers are pricing theirs. To increase (or JUSTIFY) your used Mac’s market price, here are some tips:

  • Clean it up. Keeping it spotless and presentable in photos is a must if you want to get the most out of it. Apple has its own set of guidelines on how to do so.
  • Save the original packaging. Buyers would pay more if you have the original boxes, manuals, and everything else which came with the Mac.

After you’ve set a fair price for your Mac, you’re ready to put it up for sale!

Where to sell it

Luckily, this isn’t the 80s – you don’t have to go door to door to find a buyer. There are numerous websites wherein you can start selling a used mac. These include:

  • Social networking sites. You never know, your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram friends and followers might be looking for usable computer. Your relatives may even be interested.
  • Craigslist. You know the place where people sell anything from used electronics to a dresser possessed by an ex-girlfriend. This is the best place to sell a used Mac if you want to do it locally (without having to deal with shipping costs) and if you want to let go of it fast. Remember though, there are numerous stories of people being ripped off, robbed, and scammed via Craigslist deals. Meet up in a public place – like over coffee – and insist on cash at hand.
  • eBay. Unlike Craigslist, it allows you to reach a wider audience, but it will take a percentage off your final price and you’ll have to consider shipping costs as well. Having a wider audience means having more competition.
  • To Apple and other retail stores, though this depends on your Mac’s age and model. Apple has a Reuse and Recycling Program, while stores like Best Buy offer gift cards to people looking to offload their old electronics. However, be warned: you will get less than what you hoped for if you take this route.

How should you sell your used Mac?

First off, you should prep it up:

  • Backup all of your data. You can either use iCloud or do it the old fashioned “flash disk and download method”.
  • Perform a factory reset to remove all of your files in the computer. You wouldn’t want your buyer to dig up embarrassing baby pictures.
  • Gather receipts and documentation. This is needed in order to back up your claims when and where you bought your Mac.

Next up, the actual selling:

  • Take good photos of the item. Good photos guarantee impressions and impressions will likely lead to bids and inquiries. Here are some tips from eBay.
  • Prepare to haggle. If you’re selling via Craigslist or social networks, prepare to do a bit of negotiating. It’s always best to bump up your listed and desired price to leave room for prospective buyers who will inevitably ask you to lower the price.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no. Unfortunately, there might be “lowballers” and people looking to rip you off. It pays to be knowledgeable in the computer market, as some potential buyers might overload you with false info to get you to lower the price. Some might agree on a price online, only to ask you to give them a discount during the meetup. In cases like these, don’t be afraid to say no.

Lastly, it pays to be honest

Sure, you’re looking to sell a used Mac at the highest price possible, but you need to notify buyers of hidden defects and scratches. You’d want them to be happy with your used Mac and nothing bad will come out of being honest!

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