Tweetbot 2.1 Review: New Features, Better Service

Tweetbot for OS X is already a great product in its own right. However, the 2.1 version exponentially makes it better: it has an improved interface and a bunch of new features.

This Twitter client for the Mac which allows you to simultaneously manage your accounts and allow you to work around the microblogging social network seamlessly. Though you could say that it’s best to use Twitter itself to manage your accounts, you can never go wrong if you choose to pick up this third-party software.

Let’s take a look at what this app is capable of, our impressions, list of features and improvements, along with sets itself apart from the 2.0 version and other Twitter clients.

Comparing Tweetbot to Twitter

There’s one glaring difference between Tweetbot and Twitter – the latter does not have the capability of letting you access and work on multiple accounts at the same time. This in turn makes it hard for users, business owners, and social media managers to handle and seamlessly switch from business and company accounts to regular ones.

Meanwhile, Tweetbot lets you do this through its intuitive user interface which features multiple columns and windows. These allow you to access your Twitter lists, saved searches, mentions, and direct messages. You will never miss a tweet or an interaction with this app.

And yes, we can safely assume that Tweetbot does a better job in giving the Twitter experience than Twitter.

App support

One of the best things about using Tweetbot is it being optimized for the OS X – everything about it feels right on the Mac, from the user interface up to how it looks. The app supports the various Mac computers’ Retina display, giving you scintillating and beautiful visuals during use. It beautifully syncs well with the Notification Center, giving you timely updates of what’s happening on Twitter accounts.

The app also supports third party shortlinks like bitly – a relief from having to use proprietary shorteners. It also supports, CloudApp, Droplr, and Pinboard.

Videos from Twitter, Vine (which is owned by Twitter), and Instagram have been added with the new version as well.

Our impressions

As mentioned earlier, Tweetbot does a better job in giving users everything about Twitter than the social network itself. This claim can easily be justified: the app divides each aspect of Twitter intuitively – and we daresay it does a great job.

Your mentions, timeline, direct messages, user profile, mutes, and your favorites have their own tabs, giving you quick and easy access to your activities and the things you should be paying attention to. The previous iOS version did not support pictures in the direct messages tab, but it has been fixed now. The timeline also supports animated GIFs and most photo formats. It was one of the must-have features back then, and we’re glad they managed to add it in the 2.1 update. You can now use the pinch to zoom gesture to have a closer look on the pictures.

If you’re worried about tweeting on the wrong account, don’t fret: there is an avatar which appears on top of the currently-used account. The only way you can be confused with the logged in accounts are if you use the same avatar for each account or if you haven’t had a cup of coffee yet. Each account can have its own set preferences for notifications too.

When you click on the retweets, it will show the list of people who have retweeted the tweet – it will also feature the minuscule versions of the avatars of the people who did. Thought this may not be much of a factor, it’s a must if you want to check out the profiles of the people who did it. It’s a neat addition and it’s a great way to find out which types of audiences are likely to share your content.

Props to Tapbot for adding an Activity tab in 2.1. It shows every interaction someone has with your selected accounts, from tweet favorites, follows, and to mentions. This is useful especially in interacting with your audiences and in recording their reactions, especially if you’re doing it for academic or business purposes.

Though videos from Vine, Twitter, and Instagram can play on Tweetbot. Unfortunately, there’s still no support for YouTube and other web players, which still requires a browser to open.

Should you be using Tweetbot? Yes, but make sure you need it

We can safely say that Tweetbot is a must-have app – but only if you have some use for it. Basically, if you’re a casual user, you would not be able to fully use the software, especially if you only use Twitter to keep up with the trends and have conversations with friends who are on the platform.

Tweetbot is perfect for social media managers – those who handle the Twitter accounts of their clients – who need to work on multiple clients’ accounts at the same time. It’s also great for people who regularly access multiple fictional or parody accounts at the same time – it’s easier to tweet, reply, and even promote something (especially if you’re being paid to do so) with Tweetbot.

Finally, Tweetbot is a must for marketers who are studying the impact of their tweets on their targeted audiences. Though it does not provide comprehensive stats like those shown in Twitter Analytics, it’s a quick way to see the number of favorites and retweets. And yes, it’s perfect if you want to fire off tweets on multiple accounts simultaneously.

Final thoughts on Tweetbot 2.1

Overall, we highly recommend Tweetbot – it’s a great tool to help you succeed in the volatile world of social media and if you use it well, you could find yourself basking in the upper echelon of digital marketing.

First-time users who are planning to buy it will be lucky to do so with a dropped down price of $9.99. If you’re one of these people, then don’t think twice: buy and install one now. If you’ve already downloaded the earlier version of the app, you can download the updated one for free on the Mac App Store.

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