Rumor Mill: There May Be A Waterproof iPhone 7

Barely a week into the release of the iPhone 6s, there are already rumors swirling about the next installment of the smartphone, the iPhone 7.

According to a Chinese social media website, Weibo (via Mac Otakara), the next iPhone is in the prototype stage, with Apple testing out a new design. Though details are scant and blurry, my sources claim that it will possess a stronger, waterproof and dust-proof body. It’s also possible that Apple is getting rid of the aluminum body in the next installment, with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus being the last editions to sport the “unbendable” 7000 aluminum series. Regardless, the waterproof iPhone 7 is poised to draw its strength from its reinvented body.

It is worth remembering that iPhone 6 users complained that their phones were easily bent, even through normal use. This became known two years ago as “bendgate“. Apple has effectively snuffed out this issue by releasing an iPhone with a stronger and more durable body.

Mac Otakara also mentioned that it received word from reliable sources that the waterproof iPhone 7 will have a completely flat LCD screen, which could refer to the handset’s cover glass. This could imply that it will have no rounded corners unlike its predecessor, which sports what Apple calls a “2.5D” glass.

Currently, other details regarding Apple’s next flagship smart phone are nonexistent and there are no photos showing the prototype. Apple is known to be very secretive of their developing products and are unlikely to release a statement about it in the coming months. The company is also known to try out various designs first before settling for a concrete one.

As such, these are just rumors and we might be seeing more of them in the coming months. Currently, the iPhone 6s has gained raving reviews from both pundits and users. The iPhone 7 will need to be something special to trounce it.

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