Looks Like The iPhone 6s Is Built To Be One Tough Nut

It’s been a year since the iPhone 6’s release was blemished by what people remember as “bendgate”, wherein the phone started bending whenever sufficient pressure was applied.

Everyone who still remembers the “bendgate” iPhone 6 design flaw, the release of Apple’s newest iPhone models, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, are holding our breath: will the new iPhone bend like its predecessor?

A YouTuber from Australia took it into his own hands (literally) to test the iPhone 6s’ durability. While his method is not backed up by special equipment, we can assume iPhone 6s users will be pleased with his experiment.

Check the video below:

Apparently, there was a bit of damage at the end of the test, but it took repeated attempts and two adult men to bend the electronic device minimally. The procedure was simple: the device was held on both ends and pressure was applied on the middle. There is a noticeable bend while pressure was applied, but it immediately returned to its original form after it was let go.

Even if it was slightly bent at the end, the iPhone was still fully functional. We can safely conclude that there’s no chance the device would bend unless if you do it intentionally. It won’t simply bend if you put it on your pocket or bag.

It seemed like Apple did not take any chances this year. It used the 7000 aluminum series, which is also used in the Apple Watch sport and in some heavy-duty sports bicycles. The new iPhone 6s is also using a new, stronger phone screen.

The device has been released yesterday and apart from its stronger built, it has new features like 3D Touch and Live Photos which are entirely unique to the smart phone.


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