10 Essential Mac Accessories You Need to Have Right Now

Let’s admit it: Macs and Macbooks can be a bit limited when it comes to certain hardware add-ons we come to expect in favor of form factor. This is especially apparent with my laptop, which only has a few ports and connectivity options. This is due to Apple’s commitment to making its devices as thin as possible, which compromises user convenience. Fortunately, there is no shortage of accessories designed to compensate what Apple computers lack.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the must-have Mac accessories I would highly recommend for resolving some of these utility sacrifices that you have to go through with owning a Mac:

Sentey Aluminium Alloy USB 3.0 Hub

On most Macs and MacBooks, there are only two USB ports. Obviously, these aren’t enough if you’re heavily reliant on using these ports, especially if you have an iPhone or an iPod.

The Sentey USB Hub solves this dilemma and it simultaneously allows you to connect and charge up to three devices (not including flash disks) on your Mac. It’s made of durable aluminium alloy, giving it a sleek appearance. It provides transfer speeds of at least 5 GB per second and electrical surge protection (especially when charging multiple devices) as well.


LandingZone is a MacBook dock and is arguably one of the best Mac accessories available. It provides a Kensington security lock, four USB ports, an Ethernet port, and a Mini Display Port connection. It’s a great addition if you’re looking to connect more devices to your computer.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Not all people like the pre-installed keyboard on the MacBook – it’s too flat and not what we’re used to type our documents in. In this case, pair up your MacBook with Apple’s own wireless keyboard. It’s powered by two AA batteries and connects to your computer via Bluetooth.

Its aluminum shell is pretty sturdy and it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at. Its size makes it portable enough to toss into a traveling bag.

Optical Wristbands 5D Mouse

At first, it looks more like an awkwardly-shaped and impossible-to-use mouse. In reality, it’s a mouse designed for long term use that places ergonomics as its highest priority. It makes your hands feel more comfortable during long work and gaming stretches. Though we’re guessing that it’ll take a lot of getting used to, it can spruce up your desk and give it a neat sci-fi look.

Mac isn’t much of a gaming platform, but there are some cool games on the Mac App Store like the Total War series – a single battle can last nearly an hour, making this accessory a must have.

Satechi Numeric Bluetooth Key

Built-in Mac keyboards don’t have a numeric keys into them, which is why Satechi’s Numeric Bluetooth keys is one of the Mac accessories you need to have if you’re constantly working with numbers. Though this black and sleek-looking accessory looks more like a calculator straight from the 90s, it connects via Bluetooth and does not need wires and plugs.

Touch Slab Wooden Trackpad

Yes, this trackpad is made of wood, specifically from maple or walnut. This elegant accessory is a multitouch device which also doubles as a numeric keypad. It connects to your Mac via Bluetooth. It’s not a revolutionary product, but its uniqueness and design makes it a must-have for Mac users craving for something new. At $190 it can be a but tough to justify – I love using it, but then again I’m a little crazy.

Apple USB SuperDrive

The world is quickly shifting towards digital distribution, limiting the need for compact disks. Nowadays, MacBooks are ditching CD drives just to get rid of extra inches which means you can no longer play CDs and DVDs on your laptop.

Or can you?

With the Apple USB Superdrive, you can play disks on your MacBook. It’s an external CD player which connects to your computer via USB. That aside, it also doesn’t batteries or be plugged in to a power outlet: just connect it to your MacBook and you’re good to go. It’s a must-have if you regularly work with CDs.

The Smith Backpack

If you’re tired of carrying around your laptop in a shoulder bag, then this fashionable bag should be an easy choice. The backpack is capable of fitting 13 inch laptops – perfect for the MacBook and its many variants – and has several pockets wherein you can store different items. It has brass zippers as well.


With this accessory, you will no longer need to type in passwords and your login details. If your Mac is a paradise, then JAR is like a key and an impenetrable wall. Basically, it turns your fingers into your login details – simply plug it in and make it recognize your thumbmark. It’ll then log you in. For now, it’s in the testing phase, but hey, it’s a must-have item, considering its security and time-saving benefits.


If you need to get work done, this accessory is definitely for you – it seems a little weird at first but it works like this: you press the button and launch into a work session. The app keeps track everything that you’re doing and helps filter out the usual distractions (Facebook, YouTube) and rewards you for increased productivity. You can even turn on a Do Not Disturb light if you are working in a coworking space. You can learn about Saent (pronounced “Saint” here)

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