Apple Watch 2 Release: 7 Things We Know

The Apple Watch 2 release is coming, and we’re certain that people can’t wait for its release. This is considering that the first Apple Watch was quite mediocre. In any case, Apple’s new wearable smartwatch will definitely give it a breath of fresh air, which is welcome news for anyone raring to purchase one.

As of today, we know a number of things about it. Turns out the Apple Watch 2 COULD BE a much better device than its predecessor. Here are some of the rumors and the things we know about it so far:

It might have a September launch date

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 12.00.20 PM

Mark your calendars and start saving up: the Apple Watch 2 will likely come next month, along with the much anticipated release of the iPhone 7. This further enhances speculations that it will certainly act as a device which will complement Apple’s soon-to-be released flagship phone.

It will be slightly thinner

Unfortunately for those anticipating a round watch or a completely different design, Apple Watch 2 won’t have any of those. Regardless, you still have something to look forward to: the next Apple Watch will be noticeably thinner. This will mainly be due to rumors that Apple will be using of a One Glass Solution (OGS) display, instead of the former Glass/Glass display. In a nutshell, this effectively eliminates one layer of glass.

The OGS will not only make the device thinner, but it will also save up some internal space for Apple to insert some improvements. More importantly, it will also reduce it’s weight.

Apple Watch 2 will be an independent device

Apple Watch 2 - watches

One of the gripes people had with the first Apple Watch is it being highly dependent on the iPhone. Thankfully, the successor won’t be: it will have a 3G/4G chipset which will allow it to connect to mobile networks, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. Apple Watch 2 will be an independent device which will enable it to connect to data networks without an iPhone.

So yes, you can now have an Internet connection on your Apple Watch and answer emails, texts, and even calls without having to bring out your iPhone.

It will be faster

To those anticipating the Apple Watch release, this is another thing to look forward to.

The Apple Watch 2 will be equipped with a more powerful processor, a complete contrast to the rather clunky one by the first watch. This in turn will likely shorten app load times dramatically – something that the first Apple Watch users yearn for.

Apple Watch 2 will be shipped with the WatchOS3

The WatchOS3 will be installed on Apple Watch 2 units which will be shipped out in a month or two. WatchOS2 was already good in its own right, so we can’t wait for what WatchOS3 will bring. Hopefully, it will mean more watch faces, apps, and a better user interface.

Better battery life

Thanks to the better chipset, new OS, and a number of software optimizations, the Apple Watch 2 is rumored to have a better battery life. Keep your expectations low though: we’ll probably see only a couple of hours worth of increased battery life, not worth two days’ of use.

More health sensors

Finally, the Apple Watch 2 will be equipped with more health sensors, particularly blood oxygen and blood pressure sensors. Apple invested heavily on the first installment, but wasn’t able to get accurate readings, so it’s safe to assume we will have these sensors soon.

So, will you be able to wait for the Apple Watch 2 release? It’s going to be a bit hard to wait considering all the new features and capabilities it will bring. For now, there’s no pre-order or official release date, so stay tuned!


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