Can Apple Create “Affordable Luxury” with Apple Watch Hermès?

You rarely hear the words “affordable”, “luxury”, and “Apple” in the same sentence.

One piece of news that hasn’t really dominated the headlines is Apple Watch Hermès, a variant of the Apple Watch made in partnership with Hermès, a chic, Parisian fashion house.

When the partnership between Apple and Hermès was announced, it raised a lot of eyebrows and some questions.

Is it “affordable luxury”?

Yes. Definitely, despite the lowest priced model being $1,100.

And no, we’re not kidding. It’s best to know the background of Hermès before concluding that this Apple Watch is a giant ripoff.

Hermès mainly creates handmade leather Birkin bags, which are a fixture in celebrity arms and shoulders. Occasionally, they invest in leather bands and accessories as well, which is why this partnership with Apple is perfect.

The standard prices of these bags range from $10,000 to $100,000. We’re sure you can’t keep a straight face after reading that sentence.

Regardless of what you may say or think, the Apple Watch Hermès is a form of affordable luxury. If you purchase one, you will have a functional smart watch and a premium, handmade leather band wrapped around your wrist.

There are only 17 stores in the United States which sells them and due to their limited availability and them costing half of your month’s salary, this could be one of Apple’s cheapest luxurious product to date – the gold ones are currently priced at an exorbitant $12,000.

Will it sell?

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Apple Watch Hermès might give the embattled smart watch a much-needed boost.

Although Apple has not released official figures, the consumer reception has been less than stellar, with observers going as far as calling it a bust. The partnership with Hermès makes the Apple Watch more appealing to the consumer base specifically looking for luxurious products and curious buyers who are looking to replace their Rolex watches and are raring to buy a companion product for their iPhone.

Hermes’ allure

Somehow, Apple Watch Hermès does not only appeal to a geeky audience, but also to executives and people who have enough bulk on their bank accounts.

It raises this question: why in the world would you buy a same-priced watch when you can buy an advanced smart watch?

Hermès’ leather increases the chances of the Apple Watch being bought. Not only does it widen its possible consumer base, it also adds a bit of novelty into it.

A cause for optimism

Apple has a lot of things to look forward to with the impending release of Apple Watch Hermès.

Recently, they have released the device’s new operating system, the Watch OS 2, which is a giant leap forward into smart watch technology. Despite the delay of the release, the operating system delivers scores of new features, capabilities, customization options.

The operating system is also starting to open up to applications developers – we could see a truckload of apps pouring into the device soon, pumping life into the struggling smart watch.

So, what’s the price range of the Apple Hermès?

Prices of the Apple Watch Hermès start from $1100 to $1500 and will be released on October 5.

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