Why Mac User Groups are Fading: An Analysis

Why Mac User Groups are Fading: An Analysis

Back in 1984, the computer world was taken by surprise: Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. introduced Macintosh 128k, which was arguably one of the most advanced computers of its time. When it was taken out of the bag and had its capabilities flaunted by the young Steve Jobs, the Flint Center auditorium at the De […]

Here’s What to Know When Upgrading to iOS 9

Here’s What to Know When Upgrading to iOS 9

Apple has never been never gun-shy in releasing their products. After they announced the arrival and release of their latest devices, iPad Pro, iPhone 6s, and a new Apple TV, everyone’s eyes turned to the impending release of the iOS 9. Like all iPhone and iPad owners, you’re probably looking forward to downloading it and […]

Macintosh News Group

comp.binaries.mac: Encoded Macintosh programs in binary. (Moderated) comp.sources.mac: Software for the Apple Macintosh. (Moderated) comp.sys.mac.advocacy: The Macintosh computer family compared to others comp.sys.mac.announce: Important notices for Macintosh users. (Moderated) comp.sys.mac.apps: Discussions of Macintosh applications comp.sys.mac.comm: Discussion of Macintosh communications comp.sys.mac.databases: Database systems for the Apple Macintosh comp.sys.mac.digest: Macintosh info & uses, but no programs. (Moderated) […]

Macintosh Related Companies

Abbott System – creators of CanOpener, Scorpio, Ready,Set,Go, etc. Adobe Systems – creators of Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and Postscript! AG Group – creators of EtherPeek, TokenPeek, NetTools, etc. Aladdin – creators of Stuffit and Stuffit Expander Alsoft – creators of DiskExpress Pro, MasterJuggler Pro, PlusOptimizer, PlusMaker, and PlusMaximizer APS Technologies – Macintosh hard drives and […]

Macintosh Resources and Indices

If you couldn’t find it in the ULTIMATE Macintosh, you will probably find it here. Macsites – The latest and greatest guide to Macintosh-related web sites! Mac Cognoscenti Web Ring – Macintosh web ring for discriminating Mac users. Mighty Mac Web Ring – Macintosh web ring for “Powerful Mac Sites” SiteLink – Best o’ the […]

Macintosh Games

Game Companies Ambrosia Software – creators of Maelstrom, Escape Velocity, Avara, Apeiron, etc. (also Utilities such as Snapz Pro and Colorswitch Pro. Bungie Software – makers of Marathon (1, 2, and Infinity), and MYTH! Delta Tao’s Software – creators of Eric’s Ultimate Solitaire CD, Spaceward Ho!, etc. MacMAME – run your favorite coin-operated arcade games […]

Macintosh Publications

Apple Computer Reading List – a list of just about every book about Apple Computers listed by date, view covers of each book along with a short synopsis. Ambrosia Cafe – the home of some great Macintosh pages (ShareTheMac, Networkable Mac Games, Mac Pruning Pages, and The Macintosh Conspiracy page) MacAddict – a monthly magazine […]


Macintosh Evangelism Sites Ammunition Headquarters – Macintosh Evangelism resource site. Lots of good stuff here! MacKiDo – Apple Evangelism and AppleBits weekly news! The Mac Partisan Page – links to why Mac are better The Macs Suck [NOT!] Page – The Sequel – the confessions of a Windows to Mac convert PC Fairy Tales – […]

International Macintosh Pages

International Apple’s International Sites – select “International Information”, or use Apple’s Site Map (aka Area’s List) – international sites are near the top of the page The Arabic Macintosh – an introduction to writing Arabic on the Mac, also info about other scripts including: Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, Icelandic, Russian, Greek, etc ISO 8859-2 (Latin 2) […]