Best iPhone Apps to Read Books

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, you can now start reading numerous books through tiny screen on the palm of your hands. There will no longer be a need to buy and bring dozens of paperback books to fill-in your inner bibliophile: your iPhone can meet your demand. So, with the age-old practice of heading over to the library just to read gone, what are some of the best iPhone apps to read books?

We will be taking a good look at each app’s features’, characteristics, and other capabilities. If you’re looking for a good book to read, here are some of the apps you would want to download:


apps to read books - kindle

How can we NOT mention Kindle, the household name in the field of apps to read books. Kindle has been around for quite a while, and it gives you the opportunity to carry around a library in your pocket. Kindle gives you the opportunity to carry around 4,000,000 books and audiobooks. These also include a million exclusive titles for books purchased on Amazon.

Anyway, has a number of good personalization features which let you seamlessly read books according to your preferences. You can edit your font style, the background color, and even the line spacing, and margin sizes. If you’re doing a bit of research, you can try to find key pieces of information inside the book by using the search feature.

Kindle can be downloaded for free and although there are free books, you need to make in-app purchases to a number of others.


iBooks is Apple’s own book app wherein you can find different literary classics, bestsellers, new authors, and even audiobooks. iBooks includes a host of accessibility and navigational features which make it rather convenient for you to lose yourself in the pages. Moreover, you will be capable of getting previewing books as you browse. You can even download free samples before downloading to see if the book is suited to your tastes.

It also has customization features, like giving you the chance to change text fonts, as well as easy-to-read page colors to maximize the comfort of your reading experience.

iBooks can be downloaded for free, though it may already be in your device. Most of the classics are free, though you need to pay to buy newer books.


apps to read books - goodreads

If you love to read good books, go and download Goodreads. Oh, an this is not a sales pitch.

Goodreads lets you share and discover books, which is the largest database for readers and book recommendations. Thing is, it’s not exactly a book-reading app, but it deserves to be on the list. It lets you write book reviews, see what your friends are reading, and even keep track of the books you want to read.

Goodreads can be downloaded and used for free.

Bluefire Reader

The Bluefire Reader mainly has Adobe Content Server eBooks on their arsenal, giving you a wide variety of books to reads and is one of the best apps to read books.

Bluefire Reader’s entire user interface and design was made with the users in mind. It is highly intuitive and has features which make it easier to read. Moreover, the app has really good social sharing functions: you can share book excerpts via email or other social networking sites, such as Google and Facebook. It also supports reading location synchronization across different devices. If you stopped reading at a certain page in your iPad, you can pick up where you left off on your iPhone later in the day.

Bluefire Reader is free to download, although you will need to pay in order to read and download certain books.

Kobo Reading App

apps to read books - Kobo

By downloading Kobo, you will have access to over five million books straight at your fingertips.

Kobo offers great customization reading options, same as other apps. You will be able to adjust text size and the fonts you prefer, giving you a comfortable reading experience. Kobo also gives you a chance to preview the eBooks you would want to read, helping you find the next best book to be put in your reading list.

Additionally, Kobo has a quick sharing feature which lets you share your favorite quotes, notes, and thoughts while you’re reading. You can also rate and review the books you’ve read to help other users pick the best books to read. The app is free to download, although you need to pay to download certain books.

Google Play Books

Though it’s weird seeing a Google app on the Apple App Store, we can collectively agree Google Play Books is one of the best apps to read books.

Like most of the other apps in this entry, Google Play Books lets you personalize your overall reading experience by changing fonts, managing the way you read, and by letting you organize your library. Note that it has over four million titles in its arsenal, ranging from ageless classics to recent New York Times bestsellers.

Google Play books is free to download, but you need to pay to download the some of the books in its arsenal.


apps to read books - wattpad

Wattpad is the odd one out in this list. It does not exactly give you classics or the traditional titles you’re looking for. Rather, it dishes out user-written books who aspire to become world-class authors and creators. This app shouldn’t be your first choice if you’re looking for books written by known authors. Regardless, Wattpad can be a gold mine of excellent literature. It provides an avenue for good authors who cannot seem to get the nod of their publishers, allowing them to show the world that the stories they have on their minds.

The app also lets you write your own stories. If you have something you want to start writing about, Wattpad could be a great starting point. It is also free to download and can connect you with other authors and even your readers.

Overall, you don’t need books to read: you only need your iPhone and the above mentioned apps to start diving into a new literary world.

Do you have any apps to read books you would like to suggest? Please tell us in the comments!

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