Eight Awesome iPhone Widgets You Need to Install Today

iPhone widgets are not as popular as they are in other software and electronic devices. You’re probably even unaware that your trusty phone contains a few of them. Some are even as essential as applications, and finding one in line with your needs can dramatically enhance your experience with the smart phone.

They are accessible and can be used from the Notifications Center even without moving past the lock screen. From scheduling meetings to seeing weather forecasts, let’s take a quick look at a few iPhone widgets you that I recommend you install right after reading my list.



Evernote is a free iPhone widget, and like its name suggests, write notes, checklists, and even discuss them with your friends or coworkers without leaving the notification center. You are able to sync the app and share notes across several devices. You can access it offline, and can even help you plan your travels.



One of the best news iPhone widgets created by New York Times, it shows the favorite stories by the newspaper’s top editors. From the notification center, it allows you to jump directly into the news article, or just skim through the day’s latest headlines. And yes, NYT Now gives real, unbiased, and authentic news.

Yahoo Weather


Undoubtedly the best weather app you could find online, Yahoo Weather not only gives you all of the details pertaining to what the atmosphere is up to in your region, but also that of other cities and countries worldwide. Other than the forecast, it makes your phone look great as well by producing Flickr photos which best depict the weather condition you’re experiencing in real-time. And yes, it’s free too!



This app is like the iOS’ version of the Swiss Knife: it’s an all-in-one iPhone widget containing 10 other widgets. Some of its capabilities include checking various time zones, converting currency, and looking at the calendar. Its premium version provides three more features which allows you to check the batteries, internal storage, and the network monitor. It’s currently on the App Store for free, and you have the option to purchase the premium version for $1.99.



Though its free, you need to purchase in-app stuff to avail its full arsenal of widgets which amount to over 50. One of its neat features is allowing you to use various communication apps, such as Mail, Message, and even Facetime straight from the Notification Center. With a swipe and a tap, you can easily launch your favorite applications, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It can also show various stats about your smart phone, like how fast the network is, how much space your apps and files took up in the internal storage, the battery. It’s for free, although some of the features are only available through in-app purchases.

The Minesweeper Widget Edition

Minesweeper without leaving the Notifications Center. Photo from the Minesweeper Widget App Store.

One of the rare and well thought out iPhone widgets, which costs just a measly $0.99, allows you to play the game of minesweeper on the notifications screen. It connects with the Game Center whenever you feel the need to register high scores. You don’t have to fret about unsaved games, as it saves your progress and allows you to continue your where you left off.



If you love storing your files online, then the Dropbox widget will definitely come in handy. From the notifications section, you can directly launch the app from the notifications section, allowing you to seamlessly go directly to your files.



Regardless if you’re communicating with a foreigner or are trying to learn a second language, then this app comes in handy. If you need fast phrases or a learn how to say hello to an Eastern European visitor on campus, this app is a must-have.


Overall, iPhone widgets are among the most underrated and undervalued iPhone features. They may not be used as much as regular apps, but they can be as awesome.

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