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The much anticipated Pokemon Go has become a global phenomenon. Basically, it is an augmented reality game wherein people leave their homes and take to the streets to catch Pokemon using their smartphones in real-life locations. It’s nothing short of amazing: it allows kids to leave their homes and exercise. Meanwhile allowing millennials who grew up watching the show to live their childhood dream of finally being a Pokemon Master. However, the game is not without a number of difficulties, which is why you need all the help you can get. And yes, we’re here to help you out: here are some Pokemon Go hacks which give you the chance to catch them all!

Too lazy to walk? Strap your phone to a dog

There are a lot of Pokemon Go hacks, and this one happens to be one of the most absurd ones on the list.

Apparently, walking for a couple of miles to hatch a Pokemon egg can be too strenuous to some trainers. Understandably so: not everyone has the time nor the legs to walk. In that case, why not strap your phone to your dog, or even a chicken (like if you own a farm). And no, we’re not kidding: this is legit and people are actually doing this.

Doing this can certainly reduce the steps needed to take to hatch your Pokemon egg. However, this comes with a lot of risks: you can obviously lose your phone if it’s loosely attached to the harness. Other trainers are even doing more absurd hacks, like strapping it to a bicycle, ceiling fan, and even an RC drone.

Turn of augmented reality to make things easy

One of the most invaluable Pokemon hack is to turn off augmented reality, or AR. Sure, this might seem like it defeats the whole purpose, but it makes playing the game easier. You see, instead of having to aim your camera around to find the critters, they will appear behind an animated green field. This not only makes it easier to catch them, but it can also prolong battery life.

Throw a curve ball

Fortunately, your baseball skills won’t come into play when catching Pokemon. What we mean by “curve ball” is the act of tapping the Pokeball, holding it, and spinning it clockwise or counter-clockwise until it sparkles. When it shines up, toss it and throw – when you capture the Pokemon, you will receive an experience bonus.

Did you miss?

Pokeballs are a valuable, but a limited commodity. With that said, it’s likely that you will miss when throwing them, especially if you’re up against something as small and quick as a Spearow. Fortunately, the Pokeballs don’t disappear when you miss: they can be retrieved. You can do this by simply tapping them.

Can’t find PokeStops? Use Yelp!

Yelp is not only useful for finding awesome restaurants and other places to hang out, but also PokeStops. Days after Pokemon Go rolled out, Yelp started asking customers after they check in to a restaurant if there is a PokeStop nearby. All you have to do is launch the Yelp iOS app, sift through the list of filters and tap “PokeStop Nearby”.

Get a driver

Let’s say you’re tired of walking around in search of Snorlaxes, Zubats, and Pikachus. Well, there’s a quick fix to this: there are ads on Craigslist which offer their services for $25 an hour to drive you around locality in search of new Pokemon.

Careful who you hire though – you never know, you might find something more terrifying than a Gyrados.

Bring out the Razz

Razz berries are items that you can feed a Pokemon which enables you to slow it down right before you capture it. However, Razz berries work better with better Pokeballs, like Great balls and Ultra balls, so it’s best to reserve it when you unlock them both. Moreover, them working in tandem would work wonders for rarer Pokemon, like a Dragonite.

The Lucky Egg

There’s an item available on the shop called the Lucky Egg. Basically, this item doubles the experience points you gain for 30 minutes – and it’s extremely useful if you use it right. Anyway, the best way to maximize their effect is simple: save up a number of candies until you’re ready to evolve a couple of Pokemon. Once you get a Lucky Egg, evolve them. Doing so will increase the XP and CP you will receive when doing so.

Don’t hate on the duplicates

If your team is made up of three Zubats, two Weedles, and three Metapods, don’t fret – you can transfer them to Professor Willow in exchange for useful candies. So yes, catch as many duplicates as you can. Remember, one Pokemon = one candy, and once you transfer them, they’re gone forever.

To transfer a Pokemon simply go to its bio, scroll down, and tap on the Transfer button. Be sure to say your goodbyes first!

Don’t bother with 2k eggs

Unless if you want to walk two kilometers (approximately a mile) for a a Weedle or a Caterpie, don’t bother hatching non-rare eggs. Your best bet is to only prioritize hatching 5k or 10k eggs – rarer Pokemon will hatch from them, making your walkathon worth it. Who knows, you might end up having a Snorlax or a Kabuto!

Use Incense and Walk

Incense is an item which attracts wild Pokemon to your location for 30 minutes. Whenever you use it, don’t just stand there and wait for the Pokemon to appear. Do so and you will only one Pokemon every five minutes. Instead, take a walk: you will encounter one wild Pokemon every 200 meters.

Lastly, stay safe

Becoming the very best there ever was cannot be done unless if you’re being careless. Observing traffic rules and being mindful of your surroundings is one of the most important Pokemon Go hacks out there. Try not to wander in the middle of the road or go through a location which is known to have a high crime rate.

Let us know your Pokemon journey is faring in the comments!

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